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day 2 crisscolfer challenge

Favorite crisscolfer moment... hmmm klaine would be the first kiss, well the whole you move me scene , but as for crisscolfer my favorite moment is the Dublin skit and kiss. Definetly one of the best crisscolfer moments really makes you think about what really has gone on between those boys since the kiss as well as before the kiss.

day 2 hanson challenge

Favorite song from 3 Car Garage... when the CD came out my favorite was stories a few years later it was two tears and now currently I have to say two tears is my favorite still, but 3 car garage needs to be listened to again to really claim a fav which i will do soon and repost if it changes.

30 day hanson challenge

(this is not bsc related, but this is fan related so i feel it is ok to post here)

DAY ONE: Song that introduced you to hanson...

MMMbop of course way back in 1997 the first time i saw the video/heard the song i was hanging out with two friends and my brother (one friend is dead now RIP i love and miss you) we were watching unhappily ever after (funniest show ever)! and it was a commercial so i flicked to MTV and caught the video, i will not say it was love at first listen/sight, but i did spend that night listening to the radio to hear it again. soon became a hanson fan for life!
SO I've been reading bsc fanfiction lately and I can not get enough! Plus all the unfinished stories r killing me I want to know what happens! I also wish there were more new stories I am no where near done with everything out there but I would really lie to read more Byron and Jeff they are my fav!

30 day bsc challenge complete

Day 30, Biggest “Wouldn’t Happen in Real Life” Moment: in the final mystery number 32 kristy and the cat burglar they catch a real live theif a scary one at that who ties them up and locks them in a room with him. in real life there is no way a bunch of 13 yr olds would have been able to get any where near this case let alone catch the theif. i found it to be a convienent way to end the mystery series by showing the girls that they can not handle mysteries. another no way it could happen in real life is that eleven year olds would be held responsible for ten year olds that is a mess waiting to happen. and who could forget how many times they repeated the eighth grade in the books when they would talk about prior books it was always "not that long ago" well hello that was years ago! but i did not read the bsc books so they would remind me of real life i read the bsc books as an escape and all their adventures and trips and mysteries, well that just made it all the more fun to read. long live the bsc!!!!!!!!!

note: now that the 30 day bcs challenge is complete i am going to write about all the books in chronological order as they came out even the karen books. this will be a way for me to complete my collection as i will have to buy them on ebay to make sure they are read in order of course the library will help too i am looking forward to it. i am going to start with the summer before as it is a prequel to the series i will also read it again as the last book that came out. let the games begin though it will be awhile before i get the chance to start or mayb not.

bsc 30 day challenge

Day 29, Favorite BSC “Villain”: cokie mason! in the words of carey retlin "Cokie... Now there is one of life's complications... Life's complications should be interesting, Not sordid, petty, and unimaginative. I'm afraid Cokie is all three..." oh yes but i love her anyway! although some of cokie's schemes were pretty imaginative mystery love notes, bad luck charms, and im sure there were many others.

bsc 30 day challenge

Day 28, One Thing You Learned From the BSC: for a very long time I had no idea that ghost writers existed I thought when an author’s name was on a book as the author that meant that they actually wrote it. Thanks to the baby sitters club I discovered that is not always the case. Many celebrities have ghost writers when they write their books as did ann m martin, because not even ann m martin could write a bsc book every month. I will admit this shocked and appalled me.
Back in high school my best friend was well she was psychotic she actually takes anti psychosis medication. So a lot of what she says can be taken with a grain of salt one does not often know when she is telling the truth or telling her imagined truth. Any way she told me that in one of her classes a writer came to speak to them and apparently he was the writer of the bsc books. She said that they chose ann m martin to be the face of the books, because the publisher’s assumed that parents would not want their children reading books about teenage girls written by a gay male. (yes this speaker told them he was gay), but like I said she may or may not have imagined the entire scenario or heard things that were not said.
We are no longer friends we had a falling out a few years back, but she does text me from time to time and sometimes I answer. I recently texted her about this memory wondering what she remembered and if she could find out the speaker’s name. She told me she would try to find out. So hopefully soon I will know. At first I thought this was probably peter lerangis, but someone said he is married so it’s probably not him. It is probably not true either

bsc 30 day challenge

Day 27, Favorite Stacey Outfit: stacey's outfits do not really stand out to me. when i re read the books in order i will pay closer attention to stacey's outfits and figure out some favs until then...

bsc 30 day challenge

Day 26, Favorite Claudia Outfit: comes from the book claudia and the middle school mystery when she dressed like mizz frizzle “I decided to do a Ms. Frizzle . . . I decided my theme for the day would be The Sea. I put on a blue skirt with brightly colored tropical fish all over it. Then I put on my green blouse . . . I pulled my hair into a ponytail, over to one side, and I pinned it with a sand-dollar barrette I made last summer. . . I ran to my closet and pulled out a pair of shoes. They’re the plastic kind called “jellies” that I had decorated with stickers of seahorses and shells.”

yes best outfit EVER!!!!!!!!!! claudia rules i bet she is in paris now coming up with all the new fashions.